How would I go about getting a cheap house in Newport Beach?

Depends on how cheap is cheap 🙂

While you should be ready to spend close to a mil on a decent home, you can probably find something in the $3-400,000 range if you look well enough, even lower if you are VERY lucky.

Look for foreclosure auctions. There are quite a lot of people in the Newport Beach area who can no longer pay their mortgages, default and get foreclosed on their homes. I know a guy who got quite a nice house (two-storied, 4 bedrooms, huge living room, double garage) for a little over $200,000.

Then you might want to rent a place here and start networking with people. A lot of Newport Beach residents have houses for sale but they don’t advertise it with any agency — they’re too cheap to pay for the fees and they’d rather use word-of-mouth. I know, it’s a VERY bad practice but heh, it might work in your advantage 🙂

I’ve a friend who also writes about houses in the Newport Beach area, here is his blog.

Enough for today. Keep in touch!

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Links about Newport Beach

Here’s some information about Newport Beach and houses in the region:

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Plan your vacation to Newport Beach this weekend

If you’re traveling to Newport Beach this weekend, make sure you bring your camera with you. Don’t forget the sunscreen, swimsuit and bring in lots of good mood, for the weather is going to be great!

You can rent a small apartment for something in the range of $500 for the weekend, or if you want to rent a Newport Beach house be ready to break $2-3,000. It may sound a bit steep, but you’ll see that it will be worth it.

Newport Beach houses are easy to access straight from the highway. The traffic is usually pretty light in the area, so you won’t have to worry about delays.

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat on the beach. The UV rays can really damage your skin – so has told me my real estate agent. He just came back from Newport Beach with some nasty sunburn. Be warned! Apply plenty of sunscreen and don’t bring in pets when renting a house in Newport Beach as most homeowners in the area won’t like it.

Book your reservation well in advance to get the best prices. Early bird catches the worm reads an old saying and whoever said it was so right!

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